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Entrepreneurs on Next Chapter develop innovative products for women by women. Help support a female founder in launching her business and get an awesome reward for yourself or a loved one in return.

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Mumz - Tinder for Moms

Funded 111%
raised USD 3,893
hours 0
111% Complete


Passion Than Fashion
Funded 106%
raised USD 4,278
hours 0
106% Complete

The Playground of Possibilities

A card deck of 52 “What if?” questions to ask yourself: transform your stories, and your life
Funded 121%
raised USD 3,048
hours 0
121% Complete

HK - a city that never snows

An exceptional Christmas against the backdrop of a snowy Pearl of the Orient.
Funded 142%
raised USD 2,275
hours 0
142% Complete

Zarie Slimming Leggings

Zarie athleisure products are designed to fit your lifestyle
Funded 111%
raised USD 16,668
hours 0
111% Complete

My Hong Kong Vehicles Book

A hardback picture book by a mum of Hong Kong kids that’s sure to keep young children entertained
Funded 133%
raised USD 3,741
hours 0
133% Complete

Finished Campaigns

BYDEAU Gift Boxes

Just Because Gift Boxes
Funded 0%
raised HKD 0
hours 0
0% Complete

#GirlsMakeTech: TechnovationHK

Support Hong Kong Girls to Succeed in Technology and Entrepreneurship
Funded 7%
raised USD 375
hours 0
7% Complete

OAMA 一時媽媽

Hong Kong's first platform to support women and families affected by miscarriage
Funded 6%
raised HKD 6,400
hours 0
6% Complete

Encouraging Cultural Curiosity in Kids

Bring world cultures into your home through a children's musical book.
Funded 10%
raised USD 1,091
hours 0
10% Complete

H2O - A Junior Achievement Company

A Junior Achievement company looking to help local social enterprises by selling highly customisable and personalised gift products
Funded 105%
raised USD 105
hours 0
105% Complete

CAYA: An Indian Odyssey

Support us to ‘stitch’ a brighter future for our artisans
Funded 101%
raised USD 10,175
hours 0
101% Complete