About Next Chapter

Next Chapter is a Hong Kong-based funding portal for female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. Our focus is on businesses by women, creating products and services that women will love.

Why NextChapter?

Based in Hong Kong, Next Chapter crowdfunding is open to female entrepreneurs throughout Asia who'd like to fund their business dreams. Our growing community supports our ‘by women for women model’ and continually strives to give back through mentorship, education and funding.

This rewards-based crowdfunding platform is the first chapter in our story. Our longer-term vision is to build a community of networks and partnerships with other organisations, so that female entrepreneurs gain access to the capital and other resources they need to launch and grow successful businesses.

Meet the Next Chapter Team

Nicole Denholder | Founder | Next Chapter Crowdfunding
Nicole Denholder Founder and CEO

The founder and CEO of Next Chapter is Nicole Denholder, an Australian who lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two children.

Nicole grew up in Brisbane, Australia. She studied International Business at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and spent some time studying at IKIP University in Indonesia as part of her degree.

After relocating to London, Nicole worked in the capital markets group within the international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Clients included global financial institutions and companies in the energy, shipping and auto industries. Her job took Nicole around the UK, Europe, New York, China, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Hong Kong. With PwC, she moved to Hong Kong in 2003, and left the firm in 2011 to start a family.

Nicole is passionate about female entrepreneurship, and changing the way the funding system works so that the world benefits from the so-far undervalued and under-utilised talent and wisdom of women.

I feel blessed to have an amazing family, friends and co-workers who have always been supportive of my career and business ambitions. I had a rewarding career in finance and consulting, and now as an entrepreneur and a mum I'm passionate about providing an environment that empowers other women to succeed in business.

I believe women are best able to understand the needs and problems of other women, and to come up with practical, innovative solutions. And I believe women can and should dare to dream big and make their dreams come true. So my dream is to create a place where women feel confident, inspired and empowered to take action on their business dreams and create thriving, sustainable businesses.

Sophia Nazer Digital Strategist

Sophia is passionate about entrepreneurship and using digital strategy to create great relationships between businesses and their audience. Starting off her digital journey by assisting in teaching coding classes for kids and refugees, Sophia soon discovered her passion for digital marketing and communications. Now focused on how to best utilise web design and digital marketing to improve businesses and expand opportunities for other people. Sophia began teaching herself how to code by building a website based on her beloved pugs and then learned how to use digital marketing to improve traffic to her site and expand onto e-commerce sales and marketing as well as consulting with external partners.

Sophia now works to help campaigns refine their message and construct their pre-launch marketing strategy. She also looks after Next Chapter digital marketing strategy and digital development while maintaining Next Chapter's events, social media and digital communications.