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Supporting the production of ethical, sustainable and all natural products.

Basics for Basics is a one stop shop for ethical fashion enhanced with a unique volunteer rewards program supported by Hands On Hong Kong. From beginning to the end, we want to ensure that our products are made with care and that our people are treated the right way. Basics for Basics is not only a brand but also a community. Encouraging the act of love and care. To push forward the movement of making our society a better place. Each step we take brings us closer to a better world.  



At Basics for Basics, you can be sure that your goods were made ethically and sustainably.

We are a different kind of fashion business giving customers an alternative to fast fashion. We have gathered the best so that customers are able to choose from a variety of brands that exude the same ethics in business. 

The fast fashion industry is fueled by insatiable demand for cheap clothing and accessories. Fast fashion has a harmful impact, from sweatshops and child labour to pollution and global warming. Slow Fashion means standing up against exploitation, slum cities and pollution.

We produce and support products that are true to our values: having a minimal carbon footprint and making sure that people are treated with dignity and respect.



Why this program is so different from any other is because it requires our customers to get involved. Our program is designed to motivate individuals to be active members of our society. 

How it works:

  1. Sign up with Hands On HK through our website 

  2. Join over 100 volunteering activities planned out for you each month (ranging from helping with animals to the elderly)

  3. Earn points every time you participate

  4. Shop with your points! 



We have already started our in-house brand B4B Apparel in 2016, but now we would like to present our customers with a bigger and better website with more ethical brands to shop plus a unique interactive rewards program! The cost of creating a completely new platform and sourcing new brands from the overseas is about $8000 in total, so any help that you can contribute is extremely appreciated.

Brands We Want to Offer 

  1. Everlane

  2. Groceries Apparel

  3. Alternative Apparel 

  4. Amour Vert 

  5. Vetta



Basics for Basics focuses on creating garments that act as your second skin. Our garments are made in a fair-trade facility in India that is certified by FLO and GOTS for manufacturing products from certified fair-trade and organic cotton. We focus on the durability and comfort of our clothing and we make sure that our styles fit well and are flattering for any body type. 





Thank you so much for your support! We have created 8 different options for you to choose from. Options include our in-house designed and made label B4B Apparel and our limited edition pins.

(Please refer to the rewards section for details of each one) 


1. You Are Awesome -  Hand Written Thank You Note - US$5

2. The Basic - One Top (of your choice) + One Limited Edition Pin - US$30

3. Dress Up - One Dress (of your choice) + One Limited Edition Pin - US$70 

4. Day To Night - One Tee + One Top (of your choice) + Two Limited Edition Pins - US$95 

5. Double Action - 2 Dresses (of your choice) + Two Limited Edition Pins - US$140

6. Gal Pals - 2 Tees + 2 Dresses + Two Limited Edition Pins - US$190

7. For Your Squad - 8 Tees with custom logo/design + 8 Limited Edition Pins - US$310 

8. Angel Sponsor - Your name and Photo on our About Page - US$1000



What is ethical fashion?

Garment workers are amongst some of the lowest paid workers in the world with poor working conditions and and no protection of their welfare. Being ethical in fashion means that we no longer exploit our human resources to produce garments. That means a focus on fair treatment of employees, gender equality, paying a living wage, and no child labour. 


What is fair-trade and why?  

It is a social movement that help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. 

High subsidies in western countries keep cotton prices often below production cost, following fair-trade regulations ensures that the situation of cotton farmers in India are improved by setting a minimum price that covers the costs and living expenses of the rural farmers. 


We believe that in order for our further generations to continue to enjoy this beautiful place we call earth, it is our duty to start living in conjunction with nature and to reduce our carbon footprints. All of the products that we source are rid of toxic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that have a harmful impact on the environment during production.



HandsOn Hong Kong is a registered charity whose mission is to mobilize and empower the community to meet pressing social needs through volunteer services. We connect local, under-served organizations with the volunteer manpower they need to achieve their mission. Each month, HandsOn Hong Kong organizes more than 100 volunteer activities serving children and youth, elderly, the environment, people with disabilities, refugees, ethnic minorities, women and migrant workers and animals. The diversity and flexibility of our volunteer programs reflect the broad range of beneficiaries we reach and causes we serve through reliable, trusted NGO partners. 

Challenges We've Faced 

Changing people's hearts about shopping fast fashion has not been easy because of how accesible and cheap they are. However we are hoping that with this campaign, we will be able to reach more people and touch more heart strings! 

On another note, starting out with a small team has also been challenge because it takes more time to get everything together and sometimes it seems like there are never ending obstacles, but we have been and will continue to do our best to deliver the highest quality of products and the best customer service we can offer! 


We will make sure to reply to all your emails as soon as possible and keep you updated on our progress and FAQs.

Thank you so very much for all your support!







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